Dél Ausztrália - Annual History Month in May 2011

SA is having its annual History Month in May 2011. Our Hungarian Club's contribution is a display featuring Australian Hungarians who have made a name for themselves in this country. NOT because they were good guys in the Hungarian Community but because they achieved something in the mainstream.

Last year we did "Around the World in Eighty Hungarians" which stretched to well over 200 and we had no way of including Aussie Hungarians and doing them justice. The people featured included:
scientists and inventors, including Nobel Prize winners
business people
composers, singers, entertainers
the film industry (Hollywood yielded an excellent crop)
travellers and adventurers
sporting greats
politicians, army
etc etc etc

Similarly to last year the exhibition consists of each name having at least a photo with detailed caption (A4), or a poster with the name, CV (brief enough to fit A4 page using large font, say Tahoma 20), photos, and examples of work (art, artefacts), real or photo. The display opens on Saturday 21 May and closes Wednesday 25 May.

Our plan is to find the same sorts of people in Aus, both extant and deceased. Their outstanding characteristic is involvement with and appeal to the wider community.
For SA, we have already picked artists and manufacturers, some of whom are Steiner András and Apponyi Silvio (sculptors), Molnar Engineering, Vili (as in Vili's Pies that featured at the Sydney Olympics) … to give you some idea.

Our request to you is: can you please provide some names for your state/territory?

20 April 2011: Please let me know by then that you have some names.
30 April: Please supply the relevant information, and/or photos, if able to do so.

Alternatively (or as well as) an address or a website for the person would also be great.

Information needs to be in English for display purposes.

Dear Friends, I know this is a big ask, but I think it is important to bring to the attention of the wider public that we contribute more than goulash and gypsy music.
The collection can be a resource for other times as well; certainly we will find room for both last year's and this year's display at the XV Találkozó.

Gratefully yours

Ildi Wetherell

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